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Chris Weber Super Reviewer. Indian mature naked women. Sign in with Facebook Other Sign in options. This movie passes the time quite nicely. Pam grier sexy photos. Excellently filmed, directed, and written. The movie crosses elements seen in the male blaxploitation classics of the period like 'Superfly' and 'Shaft' with the vigilante genre which would really kick off with the success of 'Death Wish' the following year yup, 'Coffy' PREDATES 'Death Wish', so let's get that straight.

Great music, great heroine, great story, and enough action to hold the viewer's attention. Outside of Car Wash, this was my first foray into blacksploitation, much to my shame. Nov 26, Actress. She's comfortable around a gun, but she'll use any old thing lying around to wreak her vengeance: Apr 11, Rating: Pam Grier Nov 26, Actress.

This measured, involving and exciting. Sex cameras free. Her breasts are to die for!!!! Grier first came to prominence in the s when she starred in a series of blaxploitation flims. It delivers high style entertainment for an engaging hour and a half. If Quentin Tarantino ever did something right, it was to give the starring role of Jackie Brown to Pam, like he promised her many months before shooting began she had actually auditioned for a role in Pulp Fiction.

Whenever she takes down a bad guy, it's a cheer-worthy moment. View All Critic Reviews Jack Hill is actually, for all intents and purposes, a very fine and under-looked genre-film writer and sometimes gives the dialog an uplift from the trash it could've been. Pam Grier's first "blaxploitation" film is far from her best, but it does show you why she became the "queen" of that genre--there simply just wasn't anyone else like her.

Her frequent nudity is one of the film's saving graces, but it's not really gratuitous not that there's anything wrong with that, either --as another poster pointed out, her nude scenes seemed to be done on her own terms and not because the producer or director said, "OK, baby, show us what you got".

Apart from Grier, Robert DoQui is great in his role, the arguably coolest, most stereotypical and blaxploitation-style pimp, King George. Infofreak 5 March Can they really be both at once?

Pam Grier lights up the screen in this classic of the genre. I'm surprised the soundtrack for this isn't as well known as the ones for Shaft and Super Fly.

The magic of Coffy is, however, Pamela Grier. A most threatening foursome! Arguably her best movie, it's a blaxploitation classic and still great viewing thirty years later! Another cult-flick, "Shaft" ofdirected by Gordon Parks may be equally genre-defining, but for me personally, "Coffy" is the ultimate, awesome 70s Blaxploitation experience. The screenplay is tight and well-structured, the pace is brisk, and the soundtrack is memorable.

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Coffy is slightly more serious and a little more inventive than it needs to be. Add to that her stunning beauty, then it's no surprise why Pam Grier is considered one of the hottest actresses ever.

Coffy is a nurse by day and avenging angel at night, tracking down the dealers who got her sister hooked on the Big H. Huge tits feet. I think she was the Black Pamela Anderson of her time, only that her body is all natural and smoking hot!!

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Linda Haynes as Meg. If you only watch one blaxploitation movie make it this one. Aussie Stud 8 July Its real power comes from Hill's potent pulp storytelling and up-front style as well as the novelty of a female hero who takes charge and controls her own destiny.

Her characters fused feminist sensibilities, Black Nationalist radicalism, vigilante justice. Don't expect any Oscar-worthy performances.

Great music, great heroine, great story, and enough action to hold the viewer's attention. Just seeing Coffy smash a wine bottle on a table to defend herself against a crackhead wielding a knife is rioutous enough! It's just a hilarious scene! He gave her the leading role in Coffy just a year later, and sealed her fate as a cult icon. Grier avenges her little sister's near-fatal drug addiction by killing any sleazy monster even remotely connected with the narcotics trade.

The action is brisk and the performances are good, but this film suffers from predictability and there was nothing especially clever in the script. Pam grier sexy photos. Online porn games for iphone. Coffy is such a resourceful character the razor blades in the wig is a superb gagand so passionate, that you can't help but be on her side. All the Blaxploitation series is still enjoyable to watch today, considering its unique and soulful soundtracks and extravagant dress code.

Pam Grier lights up the screen in this classic of the genre. Watch this movie for a great 70's drive in flashback or if you just want to watch Pam Grier unleash her bazookas DJ Inferno 19 July One of the best action films of the 70s, equally as sadistic as any Italian or German "S and M" movies.

Coffy makes Thelma and Louise look like Laverne and Shirley. Pam Grier makes this movie believable despite the obvious flaws of the low budget production. Time Out Top Critic. She has written film reviews and covered festivals for IndieWire. The injustices of that era are now, sadly, all too easily recognizable and Hill's script is too spot on to be considered campy.

Yeah, this movie is a little cheesy, and features some questionable morals and actions, but it's hard not to like a sassy tough chick who fights dirty by hiding razor blades in her afro.

Jack Hill directs for maximal suspense, violence, and voyeuristic appeal which Grier certainly embodies. Facebook Twitter Flipboard Email. Mature milf cam. What really makes her stand out, however, is her sexuality--she is absolutely explosive. The latter, which ran from toshed important light on gay and bisexual relationships, and again Grier took great pleasure in breaking boundaries and making people reassess their prejudices.

This is one of the most famous, influential, and noteworthy blaxploitation films on the s. Also was very surprised that Turner Classics showed that movie including the nudity and graphic language on cable television.

Coffy works as a nurse by day, and prowls the clubs by night looking for the pusher who destroyed her sister's mind with drugs. Grier went on to movies like 'The Arena', 'Sheba, Baby' and 'Drum' before the blaxploitation boom burst, but it's a pity that she only made one more movie with Jack Hill 'Foxy Brown' because they were a dynamite team bringing out the best in each other.

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power.

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